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Aristro High-Sheen Elastometric Emulsion

Aristro High-Sheen Elastometric Emulsion

 Rayband’s Aristro High-Sheen Elastomeric Emulsion is an exterior/interior high performance 100% acrylic smooth emulsion with additives which give it an elastomeric effect as well as anti fungal properties. Rayband’s Tough Shield offers excellent sheen, giving your home a classy finish. It also has excellent UV resistant properties which ensures brighter and cleaner shades which reduces the chances of fading.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Excoat High-Sheen Glossy Emulsion

Rayband’s Excoat Emulsion is an exterior/interior modified acrylic emulsion. Rayband’s Excoat emulsion can withstand all harsh environmental conditions like humidity, heat, etc. Excoat also has excellent anti fungal properties which helps in avoiding black algal spots. Excoat provides extremely good alkali and UV resistance.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Silky Super-Shine Emulsion

Rayband’s Silky Super Sheen Emulsion is an exterior/interior high sheen emulsion. As the name suggests the finish of the paint film is as smooth as silk. It has a very good exterior durability and sheen retention properties. Rayband’s Silky Super Sheen gives you an extremely smooth and durable paint finish at a price worth it.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Superplast Emulsion

Rayband’s Super Plast Emulsion is an exterior/interior wall finish for dry to moderately humid climatic conditions. Rayband’s Super Plast Emulsion offers good resistance from chalking, cracking and weathering as compared to cement paint. Super Plast lasts longer than cement paint hence proves economical in long run. It is also available in various shades and provides excellent hiding.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Smooth Emulsion

Rayband’s Smooth Emulsion is an interior acrylic emulsion which offers a smooth finish to your interior walls without hurting your wallet. It good washability and gives a higher coverage as compared to distempers.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1ℓ & 500 mℓ

Metallic Finish

Rayband’s Metallic Finish is a water based paint which when applied on the walls gives a sparkling metallic texture. It is a pure acrylic based coating for interior as well as exterior purpose. In addition to this it also has anti fungal and non fading properties.

Packing – 1 ℓ, 500 mℓ, 200 mℓ, 100 mℓ & 50 mℓ

Floor & Roof Cool Emulsions

Roof/Floor cool emulsion is a water based, high solids, summer cool paint. Roo/Floor cool emulsion contains both reflection and nano insulation pigments for best in class heat protection. Along with it, the adhesion enhancer & nano UV protectors prevent the coating from UV degradation delivering excellent weatherability and long service life. Roof/Floor cool emulsion can be applied on RCC, metal sheets, pavers, asbestos sheets & walls.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Floor Coat

Rayband’s Floor Coat emulsion is a special paint to beautify your exterior floor tiles, and to protect your flooring from algal or fungal attack. It is suitable for application on terrace floor tiles, cement tiles affixed to driveways and walkways, or on any plain cement surface. The paint not only provides an aesthetic glossy finish, but is also resistant to abrasion from human and vehicular traffic, sun, rain, and fungal attack. It can be used for interior as well exterior purpose.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 10 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Main Products


Furcoat/Acrylic Distemper

Rayband’s Acrylic Distemper is a premium quality, durable, water based, interior wall finish. It can be applied on ceilings and walls where a beautifying matt finish, free from irritating glares due to light reflection is desired. It provides good washability and ease of application.

Rayband’s Acrylic Distemper is also available in bag and pouch packing.

Packing – 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg & 1 kg

Cherry Distemper

Rayband’s Cherry Distemper is a water based coating which provides good washability and durability at an economic range as compared to Rayband’s Acrylic Distemper.

Rayband’s Cherry Distemper is also available in bag and pouch packing.

Packing – 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg & 1 kg