Rayband Paints

Wood Finish


Melamyne (Matt / Sealer / Glossy)

Rayband’s Melamyne wood finish is a solvent based acid cure coating which offers excellent finish, good hardness, high durability, good scratch resistance and gloss retention properties. Rayband’s Melamyne wood finish is specially formulated to avoid yellowing over the years as well as good heat resistance.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ


Richwood (Matt / Sealer / Glossy)

Rayband’s Richwood is a solvent based polyurethane modified coating which can be applied on both interior as well as exterior wooden surfaces. Rayband’s Richwood can be applied in undercoat as well as top coat. It can be applied easily by brush and has excellent brushability.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ & 500 mℓ

Pistol Wood Protector

Pistol Wood Protector

Rayband’s Pistol wood protector provides excellent protection from termites and borers. Rayband’s Pistol wood protector does not impart any color to the wooden surface and can be used with Rayband’s all wood finish products.

Packing – 20 ℓ, 4 ℓ, 1 ℓ, 500 mℓ & 200 mℓ


French Polish

French polish is a traditional method of finishing wood to create a high-gloss surface. It is widely used in fine woodworking and antique restoration for its ability to enhance the natural beauty of wood.