Rayband Paints

Industrial Coatings

These are Specialty coatings for corrosion protection against severely corrosive environmental conditions in different types of Industries.

RB- Metazinc:

It is zinc rich Epoxy 2k Primer and is highly weather resistant coating which offers Cathodic protection.

Rb- InterTUF (072) :

Highly surface tolerant 2k Epoxy primer cum finishing coats (DTM) where highest level of surface preparation cannot be achieved. It can be used for new as well as old steel surfaces.

Rb- Epcoat (HG-001) :

2k Epoxy amido amine cured general purpose. It is compatible with most of the primers except chlorinated rubber/ thermoplastic primers.

Raypoxy Primer:

1k Epoxy primer to combat corrosion in low to moderately corrosive condition. Highly suitable as maintenance coats for machines and equipments. It is quick drying performance coating.

PU-Thane Primer:

2k fast drying urethonised Epoxy primer suitable for mildly to moderately corrosive conditions. Suitable for PEB, steel tanks, Electrical poles, Equipments & machineries etc

PU- Topcoat 2k :

2k solvented polyurethane coating where look is criterion as external finishes. Example paints and coating, Agricultural equipments, construction equipments etc.

PU- clear lacquer:

2k Acrylic urethane for coating over epoxy floors, wood lacquer as a top coat. So it is a clear lacquer for PU/Epoxy 2k systems for protection & look and is UV stable.

Q.D. Topcoat:

Semi glossy quick drying paint which is a single component urethane modified. It is a high luster coating which has very good anticorrosive properties and can be used solo where economy is prime concern.